June 25, 2024
United Gaming Sportsbook

Rescuebet Partnered With United Gaming Sportsbook

Rescuebet has recently announced a partnership with United Gaming sportsbook enabling punters and bettors worldwide to access United Gaming and all its features on the Rescuebet platform. United Gaming joins the ranks of Maxbet, Pinnacle Sports, SBOBet, M8Bet, and CMD368, some of Asia’s most elite sportsbooks. Punters can sign up with Rescuebet today and start betting with United Gaming or any other preference sportsbook. 

Not only will punters access United Gaming and all its different features, but punters will also benefit from using the Rescuebet platform. Some of the features of betting on Rescuebet include acceptance of multiple payment options, access across the globe, seamless gaming and betting UI/UX, access to various bookies, access to some of the best odds in the industry, pro tips, guides, blogs, podcasts and updated events around the clock. 

United Gaming Sportsbook

United Gaming is a registered sportsbook with over 60,000 pre-match betting events for punters to choose from across 25000 live competitions. United Gaming has 100% full coverage for betting types in Asia geared towards Asian punters worldwide. Apart from sportsbook services, United Gaming also provides punters with betting options, including lottery, slot machine games, real-life Dutch Casino, and more. Moreover, United Gaming is a multilingual platform enabling punters to access the platform in their chosen language. This feature makes United Gaming more accessible to an Asian population with a preference for a different language across different countries. 

Advantages Of United Gaming And Rescuebet

Punters gain access to several features and betting advantages such as a sign-up bonus, weekly rebates on losses, multiple gaming options, bitcoin as a preferred payment method, and access to multiple sportsbooks. Some of the key features and advantages of making a wager with United Gaming on the Rescuebet platform include: 

1. Sign Up Bonus

Punters signing up with the platform for the first time to use United Gaming get a 100% sign-up bonus, which increases a punter’s profits. All a punter needs to do is add the sign-up bonus when adding funds to the United Gaming sportsbook wallet and making a wager. A punter can claim a 100% bonus of up to USD 250 (MYR 500), and the withdrawal of any subsequent winnings are subject to reasonable wagering restrictions. 

2. Weekly Rebate

Punters also gain access to weekly losses rebates on all losses in any losing week. All rebates are capped up to 15% of total losses. A week is calculated from Monday to Sunday, and all losses in a losing week are calculated, and 15% is credited back into the punter’s betting wallet account. Not many platforms offer cashback on money already lost, but Rescuebet is one of the rare few to do so. A weekly loss rebate serves as insurance in the unexpected event of a losing streak (or losing week), and losing streaks can be pretty frequent for punters betting in the long-run. 

3. Other Gaming Options

Punters have access to several gaming options such as betting on different sports, multiple betting markets within a betting event, access to remote games in lesser-known leagues, up-to-date live odds, and more. Additionally, punters can try some of the other betting services on the Rescuebet platform that extend to live casino games, slot games, fishing and gambling games, RBTV, RB Podcast, promos, and more. Rescuebet becomes a punter’s one-stop-shop for all things betting and wagering-related.   

4. Bitcoin As A Payment Option 

Bitcoin has garnered a lot of traction since its debut over a decade ago. As bitcoin gains more popularity, more services are starting to incorporate it as an investment or accepted payment method. Fast forward to today, and punters have the option of using Bitcoin as a payment and withdrawal method when gaming with United Gaming on the Rescuebet platform. This feature gives punters the ability to make wagers purely in cryptocurrency while also accepting most traditional online payment methods such as bank transfers from Standard Chartered, HSBC, etc. 

5. Access To Multiple Sportsbooks

Punters have access to United Gaming sportsbook on Rescuebet and all the features that come with betting on United Gaming and Rescuebet combined. However, if a punter is looking for more options, odds, or betting markets, a punter can access multiple sportsbooks with a single Rescuebet account. Some of the other sportsbooks on the Rescuebet platform include CMD 368, SBOBet, M8Bet, MaxBet, and IMgaming. A punter can bet on a trendy match or a remotely covered game. A punter also can choose from various betting markets, even in games with remote coverage because of access to multiple leading Asian sportsbooks.